Signature Real Estate Group offers a unique program called, "Renovate 2 Sell". This program is designed for the homeowner that would like to sell; however, their home is not in top market condition and they do not have the funds, time or energy to complete the necessary repairs and renovations.

How does it work?
You pay nothing for the renovations until close of escrow. Our team of contractors will cover all upfront costs of the renovation and will be reimbursed out of your net proceeds at closing.

How do I get started?
Schedule an appointment with a KSA Renovate to Sell specialist to come out and preview your home with a member of our contractor team. Our focus will be to determine what your home is worth in it's current condition, what it could be worth in top market condition, what the cost of repairs would be and how long it would take to complete the project.

What then?
We would use all of the information we gathered from the home visit to create a detailed plan, estimate, and most importantly, a breakdown showing exactly how much you could potentially net in all selling scenario's.